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Comment by Jorge Albuerne on October 10, 2013 at 12:09pm

Project description.


The project does not include development of interior projects, including design of common areas of the different elements that make up the set only Core & Shell (C & S) of the set, are suggested some of the main areas and entrances of the auditorium for 5000 people.


Care and community services: Cultural, Social and service. Attention to the general public with the public administration of the municipality, through its various departments and specialties, with separate entrances on the ground floor.

Concourse Plaza-civic for civic events and other types (with cafes and restaurants), virtual library, culture house, seminars, workshops, lectures, exhibitions and art galleries, museums municipal.


As in the great cities of Europe and Asia: House of Opera and Ballet, Performing Arts Center and Entertainment, auditorium and theater configurable for different hearing capabilities with versatility from 200 people to 5,000, including the current Auditorium San Pedro, the which integrates the development of  performing arts and entertainment.


Exhibition Centre Public and Private of all kinds (3rd and 4th N, green roof) with a capacity of 5,000 people, commercial, industrial, any type; Ecumenical Chapel, for ceremonies of all religions, restaurants of different types, catering services , to serve in these large open green roofs; football field, outdoor sports areas, complementing executive club tower in inland areas.


Business Center, Offices, Corporate, with independent access.


Luxury residential apartments and boutique hotel, with separate entrances.


Third level green roof, garden squares events.


Parking for up to 3440 to 4.480 cars with redesigned complementary area, with output capacity of 2,000 cars per hour, redesigning 40% area is increasing capacity in areas adjacent perimeter streets, Manuel Santos East-West and North-South also Humberto Lobo.

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