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BMV Construction | Mar Vista Home | Los Angeles, Ca

A before and after look at BMV Construction's "Mar Vista Home".

About BMV Construction

Bud Villalobos, owner of BMV Construction, has always had a passion for construction and home improvement. Bud takes pride in each and every job and knows that the home owner’s satisfaction is top priority.

In early 2004, Bud felt the calling of entrepreneurship and in May 2005 founded BMV Construction.

Since then, Bud and his wife Maricruz have partnered up to meet the home improvement needs of home owners in the Greater Los Angeles and Orange Counties as well as provide their clients with first-class service at all times. Bud and Maricruz have formed a partnership that works well, with Bud improving homes and Maricruz handling customer service and administration.

The couple says, “Over the last seven years we have committed ourselves to our clients and strive to always do the right thing. We pride ourselves on being a business founded on trust. BMV Construction is not your average home remodeling company – we do our best to make every experience pleasant and exciting.”

A home construction project may not be problem-free, but BMV Construction promises to handle any challenge with a positive attitude and expert skill. You can be confident that BMV Construction will support you and your construction needs.

During a project, Bud commonly handles client requests by responding that “It’s not a problem.” As BMV’s administrator, Maricruz is confident that Bud will always do the best job possible. The client’s needs come first and are quickly handled with professionalism and expertise.

Bud has spent many years scanning crews for the best candidates who demonstrate courtesy, respect, and value honesty. Bud and his crew hold respect for clients and their personal property. One way BMV demonstrates this is by maintaining a safe and clean environment before, during, and after a project. Because of this, Bud hires experienced employees who honor the values of BMV Construction.

They are very careful who they take on as customers, because they only work with people who want high-quality work and are willing to accept that they are the experts in their field.

Bud and Maricruz welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and ask that you feel free to contact them to learn more.

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