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Julio Garcia LAFUENTE - The SANCTUARY of Merciful Love

The exterior, the convex, penetrates alternating in a subtle dialectical play with the concave: the distinction between inner and outer space is so broken. Here is founded the most valuable of the church and Julio Lafuente can be satisfied with the level achieved, because this continuity between interior and exterior space is one of the goals it has set itself the best modern architecture. In the small town of Collevalenza is located the Sanctuary of Merciful Love. Designed by the architect Giulio Lafuente of Madrid in 1965. High, almost plane on the hill where is located, rendered prospectively even higher from the steep stairway access, the Sanctuary offers itself to the sight of the visitor, in particular for the gigantic canopy that breaks the façade, with a severe and impactand effect. And this severity, as lightened by the concave glass and the diagonal of the coverage gap, doesn't weigh less on the soul. Feel wanted and eloquently alluded to the weight that the pilgrim brings in and that he was invited to testify. Handmade bricks one by one: a material that speaks a language of poverty, humility in life. Then concrete, simple, raw, naked, and even local stone, rough-hewn hammer, or sleek by force of arms. Finally glass, both white and colored, in a glory of light and transparency, all bound together by the immense love of her foundress Mother of Jesus Hope Alhama Valera, for all just "Mother Hope" (Madre Speranza). The system consists of 15 elevation Towers, one of which, the apse, is divided into two halves opened to the outside, contradicting the usual individually contact the apse of the Christian Churches to the interior space, limiting and ending on the back the presbytery. But here, in Collevalenza, the apse is open in two halves and suggests to the outside, because its architect intended it to materialize "the notion that the sacred is part of" the whole world. Last chapel, the Spanish artist Vaquero Turcios has been a tapestry of the figures of St. Peter and St. Paul. The image of the two apostles, as two large columns, suggesting the strength of God's mercy, which is capable of turning men from sinners to saints of exceptional spiritual greatness.
There is also a great organ of the house Tamburrini, which extends toward the altar a beam of bright copper trumpets.

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