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Semihandmade Doors for Ikea Cabinets | How They're Made | Duarte, Ca

A story of how they're made!

At 34, Los Angeles-based screenwriter John McDonald traded a promising future waiting tables for custom furniture and cabinetry. His company, Handmade, grew steadily until the economy and housing markets tanked and it was time for a change. In 2010, Semihandmade was founded with a simple goal: use IKEA® cabinets as a base to offer Handmade craftsmanship to a wide audience at a competitive price.

One-of-a-kind, sequence-matched Walnut, Teak and Mahogany veneer doors have become the company’s signature look. More exotic offerings include Reclaimed Lumber, Bamboo and Zebrawood. Matching bookcases, wine cabinets and floating shelves offer even more customization.

In four years, Semihandmade has grown to almost 30 employees, with showrooms in Los Angeles and Burbank, CA. Clients include everyone from homeowners to contractors, designers and architects. Today, Semihandmade kitchens, bathrooms, closets and media cabinets are found in over 40 states and throughout Canada.

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Cinematography by Chibi Moku -
Color Grading by Bryan Smaller

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