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how to find a CG company which supply 3D rendering service ?

Hi everryone,
if you are in need of a help from 3d rendering company in China, how to find ? searching from Google? or any other ways? please advise , thanks .


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There are so many CG rendering companies in China I wouldn't know where to direct you, but I can give you some ideas.

Crystal CG is the giant:

Muzer Newmedia -nI have worked with:


Gem Studios:

If you are looking for just an archvis firm I could do a shameless plug:

Good Hunting!


Many thanks for your kindness, Russell.  Your reply really are very helpful to me.

Are you an architect?

Hmm....Have you heard about Frontop? also a CG company in China , its website :


Hi Helen,
I don't know What can I do for you. But my company is just in China, and our architectural department provide hi-quality architectural rendering services.
You can find our information here :
Or email me :

thanks for ur help, frank

i just would like to know how foreigners find 3d rendering company in china, throught what means and channels ...


I know about Chinese archviz companies from two basic forms, their reputation such as large companies like Crystal CG and from the numerous contacts different CG companies pursue with me. Chinese studios are very aggressive in cold calling and emailing, so I get contacted multiple times every week. Another difference from American studios vs International ones (especially Chinese and South American) is that they seem to have female marketeers that visit forums and post work, American firms usually have the actual artist or Owner post any work, just a different strategy and way of doing things.

I am aware of Frontop and many others. A friend of mine Chen (Chen3D) is a master of CG, but if he isn't doing the work himself, you can't guarantee the quality of work, sad to say because I really admire Chen Qingfeng, technically he use to be one of the top artist in the world. It does look like he has the quality control issue under control.

That really seems to be an issue with the Chinese studios I have dealt with, they have a bunch of artist and skill level varies greatly. Sorry for that stereo type statement, but it is my experience from the various Chinese studios I have worked with, they do their very best to meet your needs and do things repeatedly if necessary to try and make everyone happy, but it can take a lot of hand holding at times. Great people in general and a pleasure to deal with, just big cultural differences in materials and construction techniques, it can add a lot of work for the person overseeing the work being done.

I do use one Chinese studio quite frequently (Muzer New Media), so obviously I find Chinese studios competent and good to work with.

Good luck with your marketing! ;)


Hi Russell,
Thank you for your genuine detailed comment for Chinese companies. To be honest, I have to agree with your point and also feel embarrassing for the impression we gave to the world. During the time I worked for other companies I noticed these issues too, I also had to face the same problems you have dealt except cultural differences, some of Chinese businessman are often too myopic to see beyond their current interests, Maybe that's the fatal point to hurt the clients and our impression. After that, I started up my own company, I don't want to explain for that or verbal evidence, I just wish to use my effort to earn money, feed my team and revoke the bad impression.
Also, thank you for sharing your view on marketing strategy, It's very useful and I think that's the right way to prove what we can do but sending trash informations.

Best wishes for your business, and hope you will have more happy co-operations with Chinese companies in the future.

Frank, also thanks for your support.

Trust that you are a aspiring guy, sincerely hope that you could realize what you wish.

China will be better and better 


Thanks, and I had a chance to meet your company when I was in Singapore, a good company,  I like your works, Wish all the best :)

I am so sweet :)


Your reply is detail and clear, I fully understand and seemly could feel what you feel and go through. To open the oversea market, not easy, so...but also sorry for the convenience on the mailing and calling.

I don't know well the others cg studios,but frontop. sales officers are polite and in good manner,never adopt any aggressive means, and technicians often work overtime for any urgent project,no matter day or night. sometimes they even will stay in office several days to do the best. and i just the one who in charge of posting our works on each gallery :)  

Thanks again Russell. Your comments are impressive to me. Truely, cultural difference is a serious issue for oversea cooperation. need to understand the feel and the taste of architects are looking for, need to collect more library on every country / area,like tropical topic etc. just that we could translate it well to our rendering images. 

however, everything has the first time, why not have a try if you are brave enough and feel it worthy :)  hmm...but you have such a great friend like chen and a long-term good partner like muzermedia, i think you will take long time to consider us , hah hah 

Anyway, many thanks for your time and your kind respond. you are a good guy .

Fond and best regards to you and your bussiness


I am sure you will all do well, I was just narrating the minor obstacles I have encountered. There is an amazing amount of awesome talent in China and I know a lot of companies use firms from your country, my company sees a huge influx of business during the Chinese New Year due to the time off your culture takes during that holiday, so you definitely are making a big impact on the market and are doing something right.

If I was running a foreign company targeting US market I would assign a project manager to their account who would get to know the client and oversee all work before it was delivered to that client so that the Client didn't have to comment on the same things over and over and the PM would develop a relationship with the Client. Just my two cents on how I would handle things to minimize the pitfalls and cultural differences of overseas outsourcing.

Good Luck!



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