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how to find a CG company which supply 3D rendering service ?

Hi everryone,
if you are in need of a help from 3d rendering company in China, how to find ? searching from Google? or any other ways? please advise , thanks .


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Glad to hear that, and thanks for your trust & support to make our country richer and more significant. I find there are so many supermen around the world, who possess great talent and extensive experiences, no only in China, I really wish i could have a chance to meet them including you,  hah hah.  

And, Russell, your suggestions very genuine and useful, thanks. Actually we have different people in charge of different regions, and there is an agent in Cinnaminson NJ,USA to help us to open and remain our USA marketing. But there are still lots of circumstances which we can't control, like little time,little infomation provided from clients, lack of library...And now and then we will meet some special requests on mood and scene... so I think we still need to accumulate more experence to strengthen our capacity.

To develop relationships with clients also a issue for us, as we cannot go there and call on them...hope that we could make our hearts closer :)

Fond regards,


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