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with the help of computer softwares , we will be lazy on thinking and lack of the inspiration of making the original and creative?

what do you think of hand drawn sketches and computer graphics renderings ? Computer softwares are amazing tools that we cannot ignore now that we are living in the information age. But with the development of computer technology, many atchitecture students or anyone are forced to used the computer programme/software , like CAD , sketchup ... will this make them lack of inspiration ?


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As an architect or student he/she should work on the butter sheets first, to get the concept and develop it before moving to computer software....Computer software is a drafting tool (like pencil,ruler etc..) which is used to draft ur project in computer(Digitalizing). But if u start ur design right on the software, ur letting the computer to design ur project and u slipping away from ur job.So "Starting manually and finishing digitally "

noted well, but most of students take sketchup to create basic accurate massing then print and trace over them to develop ideas...more and more students become the addicts “obsession with softwares” in Architecture programs. There is more and more of it – Rhino, revit, Maya, form-z, Processing, Maxwell render, generative Components and what not.

The funny thing is, during your studies, maybe you will find that the program was all about who knew the softwares best – because the student who had the best renderings will most definitely get the best grade! 

Architectural Visualisation

There is no difference in terms of creativity between a pencil and a computer. As I know there is no computer that thinks for you.

It is the image in your head that you try to replicate on both computer or hand drawing. A hand drawing can be catchy sometimes because the drawing can be inacurate and the final result can be different than the drawing. The same, it might be easier to construct some kind of forms with the computer and harder to model rounded shapes or so...

In our architecture studio we rarely study 2d facades, shifting to 3d models that can give a more acurate view of the future building and the 2d drawings are made after the 3d study.....

Thanks, Mr Octavian Ungureanu. 

I agree with you. Each coin has two sides, so we can not deny that there are some advantages of using computer programs, like your aforementioned "it might be easier to construct some kind of forms". 

As you said you were working in an architectural studio, may I know about your studio?

well, whats actually going on is that, with the application of computer aided design programs (software) things got easy for architects and at the same time they become lazy. in my opinion the best way to mitigate this is by making it compulsory for students to take manual drafting courses, when they fully perfect this, then they can be allowed to use computer programs for design.


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